This 5 minutes tutorial will teach you the basis of Design Something. We will build a pen container in this tutorial.

Let's start to build the body of the pen container.

(a) Click 'cube' button on 'Basic' panel. Click on canvas to place the cube.

(b) Click the cube to select it. Modify its size to (100, 100, 100) as shown in below picture. Press 'Enter'. We could also drag sphere control points to resize the shape.

(c) Click 'Zoom all' on navigation tool bar to fit the cube in canvas.

(d) We can use mouse wheel to zoom in/out the canvas. We can rotate the canvas by pressing right mouse button and dragging in canvas.

The next step is to cut the body.

(a) Select the body. Click 'copy' to copy the shape to clipboard.

(b) Click 'paste' to paste the shape.

(c) Select the shape just pasted. Modify its size to (90, 100, 90) as below. Change its color to green.

(d) We want to cut the blue shape using green shape. Select the green part and drag it to center of canvas, as shown in below picture.

(e) Select red arrow handle on top of green shape. Drag it to move the shape up.

(f) Click 'cut' button on 'Boolean' panel. Select the blue part to be cut. Select the green part that will be used a cutting tool.

(g) The result shape will look like below

In this step, we will cut the small hole on front face of the body.

(a) Click 'workplane' button on 'Work plane' panel. In canvas, move mouse to the front face. Click. This will change current active work plane.

(b) Place a cube onto the plane. Adjust its size to (40, 40, 40). Change its color to yellow. Then move it to center of the side face.

(c) Drag arrow handle of the yellow shape. Push it towards inside of the blue shape.

(d) Click 'cut' button on 'Boolean' panel. Selec the blue part to be cut. Select yellow part. The body now will be like as below.

In this step, we will create a custom shape by extruding a 2d sketch.

(a) Rotate the view by right click and dragging so that we could see back face of the body. Change work plane by click 'work plane' and select the back face.

(b) Click 'look from top' to adjust view orientation.

(c) Click 'Spline' button from 'Advanced' panel. Draw a closed 2d shape as you like. Ensure the last point is overlapped with the first point.

(d) Click 'Extrude' button from 'Advanced' panel. Select the shape. A custom shape will be created.

(e) Select the custom shape. Set its height to 5. Drag arrow handle to adjust its position as shown below.

(e) Click 'combine' button from 'Boolean' panel. Select blue and green parts.

(f) We will get the final pen container model.

Let's save the model to cloud by clicking 'save' button. Give a name and description.

Click 'Export to STL' button to export the model as STL. STL file will be downloaded to local disk. It can be sent to 3D printer. Enjoy!