Design Something

3D modeling application running in browser. Three steps to design anything: adjust active working plane, place primitive shapes or complex shapes generated from 2D sketch, cut or merge shapes using boolean tools. Models can be stored in cloud, shared with your friends, or exported to STL for 3D printing.


Brick Builder

Build virtual creations with dozens types of brick pieces. Simply place piece to ground, rotate and move as needed, assign color, done. Ready to be saved online and share with your friends. Group, copy and paste, window selection tools makes the building process easy and fast. The only limit is your imagination.


Online Model Viewer

Upload, view, customize and share your existing CAD models. Download and install right plugin to convert Rhino, Solidworks and Inventor to our lightweight visualization file .pyd. Upload it, then you will be able to share, view and customize the model in browser. Extend you desktop CAD tools in a few minutes.